Craps at Cherry Red Casino

Those who have never played craps online may be in great delusion about how attractive this old game is. One would think, what’s interesting to watch out for a pair of dice constantly thrown by thrower out of the cup? But only at a glance on playing field all the diversity of variants offered by this on the face of simplest game is seen. Rules of craps can even put a beginner to a standstill.

How it’s possible to understand that when bet has leaded, and when additional shots are necessary? What does point mean? Why some numbers have more weight in gaming process? How it's possible to define if it is win or loss? Gradually learning the subtleties of the game craps at Cherry Red Casino, you would find answers to these questions. And to make experience obtaining safe, fair and softly begin with practicing funny money game, without betting real money. Cherry Red Casino gives you such an opportunity.

Colorful gaming field, realistic sound accompaniment, simple and clear management and suitable temp of the game will help you to enjoy playing craps at Cherry Red Casino for the full extent. Minimum bet is $1, maximum bet makes $100, but after request for online casino managers it may grow higher.