Baccarat at Cherry Red Casino

Baccarat is an unusually breath-taking and very simple card game. Once it was thought as an aristocracy game, but today all takers may play it freely. And, for sure, customers will find baccarat at Cherry Red Casino in the table games section.

Baccarat at Cherry Red Casino is held according to usual rules. Customer plays against banker trying to collect sum of points that is closest to 9. That’s notable, that there is no pip-out at Baccarat. If sum of cards is more than 9, 10 points are discarded from it. Card value is accounted based on ace making 1, 10 and figures making 0, other cards making their nominal value. Initially 2 cards are dealt out for both banker and player. Player may always ask for the third card; banker has several limits that are written in the special table that is well-known to experienced Baccarat players.

Customer may bet on banker, on player or on draw. Bet amount makes from $1 to $100. Prize is withdrawn in 1:1 rate, if bet on banker or player has win and in 8:1, bet on draw has win. Its worth to remember that in case of bet on draw house edge is very high; equal bets on player and banker are impractical.